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5 in 1 Curler Iron

5 in 1 Curler Iron

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This iron is a versatile and multifunctional 5-in-1 curler iron with various features and interchangeable barrels. Here's a summary of the key features based on your description:

5-in-1 Curling Stick Set:

  • Interchangeable ceramic barrels of different sizes: 09-19mm cone-shaped, 19-32mm cone-shaped, 19mm small curlers, 32mm, and 25mm gourd curling rods.
  • Enables the creation of different hairstyles with a single set.

Unique Curling Brush (Does Not Blow Air):

  • Longer design with thermal bristles for grabbing and gently gliding through hair.
  • Ideal for volumizing, creating loose relaxed curls, and styling bangs.

Easy Replacement of Curly Hair Sticks:

  • Quick installation design for easy replacement of curling barrels.
  • Heat-resistant rubber material on the handle, insulated tip, and included gloves for hand protection.
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